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The Importance of Sanitation Services During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A sanitation services company like Sanitation BOSS is indispensable now more than ever. We are at the frontlines in fighting the virus’s spread by providing effective sanitation solutions.

We do our part in delivering a professional sanitizing service with our ongoing fight with the pandemic. We work with communities, medical frontliners, and private companies to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

COVID 19 cleaning services use approved cleaning protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. We go beyond typical cleaning. We are available 24/7 to provide support for healthcare workers.

By keeping a clean working environment, hospitals and companies will be more efficient in providing their services.

We use the tried and tested Zoono Anti-Microbial Shield Spray to kill pathogens, including the dreaded coronavirus. It provides up to 30 days of protection – longer than any cleaning product can do.

The risk of COVID 19 transmission increases when there’s a shortage in sanitation. Here at Sanitation BOSS, we work so you will have reliable sanitation management.

Our team of licensed and trained cleaning experts will conduct a full risk assessment. We conduct ATP testing and monitoring to detect any presence of microbes.

From there, we prepare the area for disinfection. We use CDC and EPA-approved disinfectants that are guaranteed to kill the novel coronavirus.

After sanitation, we monitor the area using our ATP testing. Rest assured that our testing is rapid and accurate every single time.

Investing in sanitation services will save lives. With coronavirus surviving on surfaces for days, you simply can’t take your guard down.

Does hiring professional sanitation services benefit you?

A professional sanitizing service will save you and your entire organization. Unlike with usual cleaning, we follow strict protocols to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the area.

Sanitation is more than just removing the visible debris. We deal with what’s invisible to the naked eye: viruses and bacteria.

We are fully trained and skilled to deal with any contaminants. We will help you regain the safety, cleanliness, and comfort of your workplace or property.

Above all, we follow the strictest cleaning standards across industries. From healthcare facilities, food preparation areas, and manufacturing facilities, our experts are well-prepared.

Here at Sanitation BOSS, we ensure a cost-effective cleaning plan. Whether you own a small business or a large workplace, we will tailor-fit our sanitation services for your needs. We can meet you halfway by formulating a cleaning plan that fits your budget.

You don’t have to compromise your employees’ safety. Sanitation BOSS is here to deal with just about any sanitation needs. Now more than ever, we need professional sanitation services to help combat the pandemic.

As a reliable sanitation services company, we are on-call 24/7. Cleanliness doesn’t have to wait. You can schedule a free ATP sanitation test with us, no strings attached!

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